Bullion -v- Certified Coins

Right from the start, and just to be clear – there is room in your wealth portfolio for BOTH bullion AND certified collectable coins.

“Silver is the most undervalued asset in the world today.
It has more than 10,000 industrial uses and the electronics and technology industries consume more than is mined daily.
Unlike Gold, silver is being used up”.

ARENA offers both BULLION BARS and COLLECTABLE COINS as either one-off purchases or as part of a monthly saving program where you can earn yourself FREE SILVER.

One ounce bullion bar is much cheaper than a one ounce collectable coin – why don’t I just collect bullion?
In the short term you will acquire more bullion, but in time you will lose out of the increase in the intrinsic value. Collecting will cost you a lot of money.   I met a Numismatic Collector in 2011 and he had been purchasing one collectable coin per month since 1986.
He had accumulated 312 coins, valued at that time for $673,334 – had he bought just bullion coins they would only be worth $10,920Why do they increase in value, what do you mean by intrinsic?
Other than the silver value, coins that have been graded and certified have additional value based on several factors. Individual values can be checked on the NGC website…www.ngccoin.com

Can you give me an example?
Arena offers coins that have a low-strike population meaning that these coins are already highly desirable due to their scarcity.
In December 2012 a collector sold his 1991 American Silver Eagle NGC graded MS70 on eBay for $4,650 😊 A significant value increase due to the fact that only 131 of these coins were graded perfect MS70 for that mintage.

What if I want to collect bars, what’s the best type?
There are 2 main ways of creating precious metal bars:
Casting, which has been used for thousands of years and is often referred to as also “moulded” or “poured”. Casting is a cheaper process, and it creates abnormalities and blemishes, that are unique to the bar, meaning no two are the same.
Minted Bars tend to carry a higher price than cast bars due to the further manufacturing input required for polishing and cleaning, and the craftsmanship involved in the embedded designs. Generally minted bars are visually more aesthetic to the eye, and are the only bullion bar that Arena offers The market price of silver moves both up and down, how am I protected?
Arena DOES NOT invest in market traded silver.
We only supply actual bullion products, and over time, history has shown that future bullion prices generally move upwards. This is partly due to the currency that it is measured in becoming devalued over time.

Your Fiat Currency today buys less over time, whereas Gold and silver buys more.

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Robert Kiyosaki – SILVER as an investment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYPn-WyLMeM

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